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In C.S. Lewis' Prince Caspian, Aslan (who represents Christ) tells Lucy that, as she grows, HE will appear bigger to her. God does not change, but our concept of Him must change. Young people are at a crossroads: we see too many of them walk away from Jesus – in high school, in college, and as young adults. There are many reasons, but at the core: God never becomes bigger in their lives.

If we are to continue to follow Jesus, He must become GREATER THAN we knew Him to be. Greater than what? Greater than "Sunday School Jesus" or even "Youth Group Jesus"... Greater than a political ideal... Greater than problems or issues that emerge as you grow up...

What does this look like at Greater Than Ministries?

Young Adult Mentorship

Greater Than forms relationships with and mentors college students and young adults who are seeking something deeper, be it one-one-one mentoring/coaching or a group Bible study or class. Possible topics include:

Career Path  How God is (and has been) at work in your career field and sphere of influence at your job and among your peers

Spiritual Enneagram  Personality and spiritual assessment test to deepen your understanding of how you've made life work apart from God, and the way home

How You Were Raised  Working through the dynamics of your home life in your childhood years, the impact it's had on you, and important takeaways to consider before having children of your own

Church/Ministry Coaching

Greater Than partners as a resource with churches and other Christian organizations. This includes offering training, coaching and support to pastors, youth leaders and church staff. Areas of training include:

Generation Shift  How different generations view God, church, and society at large differently, and how to bridge the gap

Spiritually Healthy Youth Leaders  Helping leaders become more aware of their own personal motives in ministry (vs. being moved by the Holy Spirit)

Growing Students on the Inside  Just like it sounds (as opposed to rewarding them for looking like "Good Christians" externally)

Ministering to Students Beyond High School  Helping teens stay plugged in to God-centered resources and community after they graduate and go off to college or enter the work force

Youth Ministry

Greater Than seeks to always be participating in ongoing ministry and outreach opportunities in churches and parachurch groups. In addition to the facilitation of regularly scheduled youth group meetings and activities, one of the most powerful mentoring tools has been and will continue to be summer camps at Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, Delaware:

Crossroads  For middle school students

(who have completed grades 6, 7, or 8)

The Voice  For high school students

(who have completed grades 9, 10, 11, or 12)

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