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I spent the last 22+ years working for a ministry called Youth For Christ, sharing the gospel with middle and high school students. I reached out to many students who had no prior connection with church or God, but also many young people who had grown up in youth groups, yet had never found community in church. My heart goes out to teenagers and young adults -- both churched AND unchurched -- who:


  • "fall through the cracks" in church youth groups

  • feel the pressure to look like "good Christians," when many of them have serious doubts and questions

  • have walked away because they believe their generational values or ideas have no connection to God

Greater Than Ministries exists to help God grow bigger in the hearts and minds of the growing generations in our communities near and far who come from all walks of life and experience.

the team:
Jay Davies-2.jpg
Harry Baughan2a-2.jpg
Gordon Griffin-3.jpg
Harry Baughan

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Jay Davies
Gordon Griffin

Marketing, Board of Directors

Lyndsay Davies2-3.jpg
Matt Felton-2.jpg
Mike Martin-3.jpg
Mike Martin

Consultant, Board of Directors

Matt Felton

Consultant, Board of Directors

Lyndsay Davies

Secretary, Board of Directors

Joe Miller-2.jpg
Jack Davies2-2.jpg
Jack Davies

In loving memory

Joe Miller


Adam Pie-2.jpg
Adam Pie

Consultant, Board of Directors

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